Rise above the limits…please!!

I went for my 7 dpiui blood work today and just got a call that my level is a 4. It needs to be at a 10 so they have prescribed me progesterone suppositories to make it increase. The nurse said starting progesterone will not interfere with conception but because my number should be at a peak they want me to start PS right away. I will take one tonight and then tomorrow start twice a day (one Am and one PM). I keep praying that my levels increase and that egg can find a nice spot to nuzzle in and get cozy!

On a side note I’m pissed that I’m just now finding out that I have low progesterone. My former RE never checked my Prog. levels! This could have been the problem all along after an IUI and never knew. Wouldn’t it have been nice for her to check and help me get pregnant without telling me I need IVF??!?! My current RE even said IVF isn’t in the cards for me cause he is confident I’ll get pregnant with injections. Ugh I just don’t get why my former RE had to cause so much heartache.

But I can’t get all worked up cause I’m working on getting this little egg all snuggled and cozy. Time to do some relaxation breathing and keep my mind busy for another 7 days!!

I am hating this wait!

Granted it has only been 2dpiui but this wait sucks! I know in my heart and my head that I am pregnant but all I want is the official confirmation! I keep reminding myself that most of what I am feeling could be the hCG shot. I have had a slight headache since my IUI which I have chalked up to all the hormones. Today after lunch (which I was starving for) I felt very bloated, slightly nauseous and headache. I feel like I have to pee all the time …again could be trigger. I am, however, having crampy tingly discomfort on the left side in the ovary-ish area. I’m taking this as a very good sign!!! I just know in my heart this is it!! Hurry up TWW and get me some confirmation already!

Baby Dust! Baby Dust!

Yesterday was the BIG day! I woke up feeling like absolute crap! My back was killing me and I was nauseous. My arm was hurting from the hCG shot. I have a huge red bump where they gave me the shot. Thankfully it doesn’t hurt so bad today but the bump is still there. I asked the nurse about this which she told me it was normal and just to put a cold compress on it. She also thinks my back hurts so bad because I am ovulating with 2 possible follicles! The right side follicle was only at 11 the day before my IUI so unless it grew drastically like the other one did on my left then I doubt it comes to anything. The IUI went smooth and well. Dr. Trivax seemed confident for a good outcome as the egg is where we wont it and hubby’s count was excellent! I go back next week for progesterone checks and keep waiting for that positive test!! I know it is going to happen!!

Tomorrow’s the BIG day!!

I met with my RE office today. My poor veins are so tired of being stuck that it took them 6 attempts! 2 of which were in my hand that hurt. I’m going to have so many bruises! My follicle on the right ovary grew to an 11 but is bot mature enough to release an egg. The follicle on the right side has decided to be an overachiever measuring at 23.5! My lining is at 7.1 so we are all set to go for an IUI tomorrow morning. I even received my hcg shot this morning before leaving the Dr. office.

I am so excited! I just know this is my time and in 2 weeks I’ll be screaming I’M PREGNANT!!! Lots of baby prayers and dust to me!!!

Getting anxious!!!

I met with my RE on Saturday morning and discovered I had 2 measurable follicles (11 and 12) on my Right side and 1 mesaurable (14) on my left. I was informed to take another injection that evening and again on Sunday then come back to the office on Monday morning. I immediately went home and research tips on what other women have done to get their follies to grow (whether they are myths or not I was going to try anything!). So I spent 20 minutes with my legs on the wall as directed by my fertility yoga instructor and a heating pad on my belly to keep it warm (apparently this is a Chinese proverb) and lots of rest. I also visualized those follicles getting bigger!

I went to RE appt today. The sonogram showed that the two on the right shrunk with the biggest measuring in at 10.5. However, the one on the left is now 17.5!!! Only .5 left to go for it to be considered mature to ovulate!!! I was instructed to take my last injectable tonight and then come in morning for another follow-up. I will either do the trigger shot tomorrow morning or evening depending on what left follie measures. IUI will be either Wednesday or Thursday!!!! I am so excited. I’m not at all nervous that it won’t work I am more nervous and anxious that it will work and that I’ll finally have my baby growing inside me. Everytime I go to the RE for my appt there is a woman finding out she is pregnant. I feel like this is the greatest sign and I know my turn is coming. This gut feeling that this is my time and I’ll be pregnant in the next 2 weeks is so strong that I just know it’s going to happen. Call me crazy but I just have a feeling 😉

Power of positive thinking and waiting

I have two days left of clomid and tonight is my last injection of Bravelle. I have been hot flashes like crazy but have gotten used to them. Although very surprising I have had no mood swings! DH is very lucky 😉 I am still practicing yoga and acupuncture. Due to the blizzard that is about to happen my monitoring appointment has been moved to Saturda (CD 10). I am praying we have lost of growing follicles! I still have this overwhelming feeling that this is my time and I will be pregnant within the next couple of weeks. I don’t even have the thought of “what if” or “I hope this works” I simply just know that I’ll be pregnant. The waiting for the monitoring appt is like watching paint dry! I was just telling a friend yesterday that I wish I owned a sonogram machine so I can check for myself lol. Now just wait till Saturday moning…

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.”

Last night I met with my new RE. I was nervous about whether or not I was going to like him because the front desk staff were so rude. I met with the nurse, phlembotomist, and ultrasound tech as their routine procedure. During the ultrasound I learned that my PCOS is a mild case! This was different news then what I had been going through in the beginning. I guess the acupuncture, yoga and eating changes have really helped! I felt so relieved already that things were starting to take a turn for the better. We then meet with Dr. Trivax who is my new hero. He was amazing! He talked to us instead of at us. The first thing he told us after taking all our information was “You will be pregnant”. Right there I wanted to cry. I was so happy and relieved because no one has ever straight out told us this before. He even said we won’t need an IVF which my previous RE was pushing towards! I have never felt so much relief then I did in that moment. He talked with us about the plan of action. I shared that my insurance doesn’t cover anything for infertility which is when he became our hero. He told us he was going to get us donated infections and how to work out the payments for treatments. I had to hold back my tears at this point. This RE was so positive and so sure that this was going to work that I wanted to give him a hug. It only increased my beliefs that I’ll be pregnant very soon! Today I will get the results of my bloodwork and get word on starting Provera. On the third day of my cycle I will go in the office for bloodwork and then start the clomid + injectable treatment. Then we will continue saying a lot of prayers that we have growing follicles and then head for our IUI. I have such an intense gut feeling that this is my time and our little miracle(s) will be with us very soon. Stay tuned…

Fresh Start

I meet with my new RE tonight. I will miss seeing my old RE and the rest of the “family” there but I feel a fresh pair of eyes will help. I decided to go with Dr. Trivax at RSofNY. I have heard good things about him so I hope he is our miracle helper!

I am 3 sessions into acupuncture and I must say I feel more relaxed and centered. However, I feel like my period is going to start at any minute since last week. I have PCOS and without medication only get my period once a year. I just wish it would show it’s face already…at least that would mean progress is being made!

I feel like I have a whole new outlook on this baby journey then I did prior to our break. I have become obsessed with yoga and acupuncture which I am sure are part of my new light on this subject. I just know this will be my time and I can’t wait to begin pregnancy. Sending lots of prayers to the guy upstairs and lots of positive energy.

Let’s get this rollercoaster started….again!

Well it’s official. I will be seen by a new RE in Dec. I had to call my old RE today to get my records released and I seriously felt like I was dumping my boyfriend. When you are at the office every week or every other week you truly get to know the staff. They become a little extended family. The receptionist sounded sad when I told her. But like I’ve been told by my new RE office I have to think about myself and getting a fresh new pair of eyes on the situation could be all I need. I have been sticking to my “PCOS diet” the best I can with a few slip ups. I have been very proud of myself for the amount of water I’ve been drinking. I’m starting to actually crave it! I am down 10lbs since my birthday when I decided I really needed to get back on track.
I’m feeling very hopeful to start with my new RE but also nervous of what a fresh pair of eyes will have to say….

Holidays are coming which makes me ache

As we are nearing the all the family time for the holidays my heart is aching more and more everyday. I want a baby in my life so much that I can’t help but have the feelings that it just isn’t in the cards for me. I know! I know! Keep positive and I’m trying but the “what if” still lingers. Hubby and I even talked about adoption which we can’t afford. We are still on a break from all the infertility treatments. I am still working on my PCOS lifestyle change. I got off the wagon over the weekend so I am on a PCOS detox this week. I still pray that I can concieve naturally cause I hate the way I feel on all the meds. I pray that one day my miracle will happen….